Reality check for Realists

There are multiple ways to divide people, putting aside physical attributes. One of that includes grouping people on their attitude, vision towards the world. 

People often divide into three groups, 


Everyone knows what they mean,I am not interested in explaining them either. Today I want to talk about “Realists”.

Disclaimer: All the people who claim who claim to be realists may not agree with this. But this is how the people I know who consider themselves realists roll.

According to them, Optimists are bunch of people(read: Hippies) who fail to achieve what they dream of, but still were happy with their life. Basically they are jealous of them.

Pessimists are a bunch of pussies who are afraid of everything, they are fit for nothing and will probably be working in a cubicle for the rest of their lives.

Realists, there are only few people who make into this group. According to them  Steve Jobs, Don Vito Corleone and themselves are only meant to be realists.

Let me tell you all self-certified realists, you are wrong.

Every person has three of these in them and the one characteristic that dominates the other two is what makes that person.

If you think that you are better than the other two people , then I am afraid that you belong in a different category, we call them Narcissists. You are so full of yourself that, if a person dreams big which might be unrealistic to you, you stamp them as a over optimistic guy/girl and hand them out a free advice stating that they should come to the real world and live the real life. Seriously? After all the quotes you have in your room about how dreams are amazing, all those Steve Jobs posters and auto bios dint teach a thing or two about dreaming?

You chose to give up on your dreams, you gave up that dreams will never come true. Why do you want everyone to come get in your train of reality and rain on our parade?

You claim you are realist, fair enough, good for you! But if you start saying to others that you should give up on dreams and starting living in reality. You are not a realist, you are a pessimist. You are so afraid that whatever you dream will never come true and when you see people with dreams, you lose yourself and start bull shitting them with what happened to your dreams.

Stop saying stories which start “I too dreamed of doing/going/becoming ….” and a sad story about how you failed to achieve them and which generally end with “… that’s why I stopped dreaming, You should stop dreaming and live in reality”. I am sorry that you couldn’t do what you dreamed of, I really am but that doesn’t give you the right to scare others of dreaming.

Instead why don’t you change the ending “I was too afraid to dream from then on and I regret it every day, I want you to go do what you want to.”

But, inside, deep in your heart you still dream of doing what you wanted do. You still have that optimist alive in you, he is speaking to you right now, don’t ignore his voice, listen to it. You may fail, you will fail, but you will not end with a regret that you din’t give it a shot.

I know I am nothing now, who am I to give you life advice? I know, you are right, but that doesn’t mean you go on killing others dreams. I have one thing that you will never get by being a realist, peace of mind. I may not earn a 6 figure salary, I may not have a Italian car. But I will have that one thing that you can never buy, that fullness, that feeling of doing what I always wanted to do.

Dream on!

Don’t be a dick and scare people. Don’t be a pussy and give up.






“You aren’t a kid any more, grow up!”

“Be home before it is dark!”

Two of my mom’s favorite lines.

Lately I have been feeling older than I am. I feel as if I lost that *zing* of the youth, I admit that I am not in my teens any more. But that doesn’t mean that I have to feel old! I am still perfectly crazy to be a teen.

I realized that I think a lot before I do anything(my mom still thinks that I should think more*sigh*), and I am no longer that asshole on the road that honks and cuts lane. I am scared really, scared that I would catch “maturity”

Why am I scared of growing old?

No, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the pigmentation stuff (I don’t know what the dang that means) nor the constantly diminishing hair line of mine.

I mean about the stuff inside, the craziness that makes you crazy enough to take that one more pitcher, that one more shot, that one more mouthful, that one more chapter and I will sleep, that fuck it!.

I am afraid that I will grow old into those boring uncles that we try to avoid everyday by taking the “road less travelled”, that hypocrites who blab all day that the people should change while he spits on the road.

 I am afraid that I will be so bored of life that I decide to settle in. By settle in I mean, getting married, getting a “good” paying job that you hate, buying a house and car that you can’t afford and spending the rest of your life repaying the EMIs, the occasional dinner with friends where you fight to pay the bill but you secretly wish that the guy who is working at the bigger company pays it.

No, I don’t wanna be that, I would happily chow down on instant ramen than working a job that I don’t like and eating at costly buffet places.  I would happily buy my clothes at discount places, rather than wearing the ones from the malls and sitting before a desk and wanting to get out.

No, I am not madhavan from 3 Idiots or anyone else.

“But, is growing up really boring?”

Not really, not unless you chose to be boring like a log. Life is never boring; it’s just that you are lazy enough to feel the excitement all around you.

Life is fun, Life sucks, Life is gloomy, Life is bright, Life is pleasant, Life is chaotic, Life is nothing, and Life is everything. Life is what you make of it.

So, when you can make it something awesome, why do you want to make it stale?

Why not go to that trip that you always wanted to?

Why not say fuck it and have one more pudding?

Why not be a hippie?

Why not go backpacking around?

Why not give life your best shot?

Why not?

It has been 4 years past my 19 and I have evolved into a completely different person now, I am still annoying, I still talk a lot, I still am sexy as ever. Then what has changed? I will tell you what has changed. Every-fucking-thing, the very way I look at things and people has took a U turn.

Life is tough, but the tougher life is the more you learn. If you don’t learn before you bite the dust, then what’s the whole point?

Life starts after the moment when you start to fumble, when you start to fail and fail to start, when people bail on you and you still wait for them.

Life starts after pain.


Has been that for me, most I guess, life starts after 19.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything you love and do something for the sake of camouflaging in with others. You can always choose to be stupid and crazy enough to fuck things and don’t stop fucking up. No matter how many times I may fuck up, I won’t give up.


To quote Eminem’s Berzerk

“Say fuck it before we kick the bucket”


  PS: No, I din’t flunk the image from internet, I made it.